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YOU SHOULD ALWAYS TALK TO YOUR PHYSICIAN OR HEALTHCARE PROFESSIONAL BEFORE TAKING ANY DIETARY, NUTRITIONAL, HERBAL OR HOMEOPATHIC SUPPLEMENT OR MEDICATION EVEN IF IN TOPICAL FORM. makes no guarantee or warranty, express or implied, with respect to any products or services sold, including any warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular product. shall have no liability as a publisher of information or reseller of any products or vendor services, including, without limitation, any liability for defective products. does not provide any warranties for products manufactured by other manufacturers. is not responsible for defective merchandise from other manufacturers.

We do not warrant and shall have no liability for information provided here regarding the use of any products for any and all health purposes. This information is provided solely as a guideline for you to use when discussing a program with your physician or healthcare professional. Each person is different, and the way you react to a particular product may be significantly different from other people. Since different phyisicans and healthcare professionals can provide differing opinions on health matters it is important that each individual ultimately take personal responsibility for directing their own health care choices.

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